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Driving Buddies

Get Home Safely Tonight

Don't risk a dui and don't leave your car behind.
The driving buddy can get you home tonight

Call or Text
Ask for a Driving Buddy

We'll come to your location

Sign a waiver
A qualified designated driver will drive your vehicle with you in it while a chase vehicle follows.

You and your car arrive safely at home!

Only $45 per trip*

Upon arrival, your fee will be calculated based on mileage and any additional stops. Payment can be made with cash or credit. Our standard fee is $45.00, which covers the first 5 miles of the trip, and $1.00 each additional mile afterwards. Mileage is calculated using our odometer and rounded up to the nearest whole mile. An additional $10.00 for each additional stop (Passenger drop off/stopping for food, etc.) Gratuity is not required but very much appreciated.

Corey Boehler: PTLD; 1-503-312-6767

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