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Why Bridge City Parking for your event?

Bridge City Parking creates an air of distinction and provides a first and lasting impression for your guests. It saves them from driving around trying to find a parking space in a small or busy parking lot. And perhaps most importantly, it saves your guests from walking a long distance to your location, especially in inclement weather.

How do you choose a valet parking company for your event?

Bridge City Parking PhotoWhen you offer valet parking for your event, the valet parking company you hire is the first and last impression with your guest or customer. It's a perfect way to enhance their experience. Many view the valet parking service you hire as an extension of your company. Be sure to hire a professional service that reflects the image you want to give your customers or guests.

What is the cost?

Bridge City Parking has been in business of good conduct, we have always offered variable billing options. No event is cookie-cutter. Things we take into consideration:

  • Number of guests, number of expected vehicles, whether the vehicles are expected to arrive all at once or staggered
  • Location of your event
  • Distance from the entrance of your event to the lot where valet parked vehicles will be parked (which will determine how many valet attendants are needed)
  • Insurance cost (also based on the number of valets and estimated amount of vehicles expected to valet park)
  • Permit fees that may incur
  • If any police or traffic details are required
Some events are billed by the hour, per valet attendant or by a flat rate. Each event is customized and based on what is required for service for your special event. We always provide an on-site consultation to make sure we quote accurately to best serve you and your guests.

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